Upcoming events

Some key Aikikai courses we are hosting and some we are hoping to get to - there are many more!


20th - 21st  January 2018

Dimitri Crenier (6th Dan Aikikai)

Ashbirton, Devon


3rd - 4th February 2018

Bjorn Erik OLSEN (7th Dan Aikikai)



10th February 2018

James WENGER (3rd Dan Aikikai)

Ashburton, Devon.


17th - 18th February 2018

Endo Shihan, Yasuno Shihan, Miyamoto Shihan, Tissier Shihan (Four Aikikai 8th Dans!)

Vincennes, Paris


24th - 25th March 2018

Hino Shidoin (5th Dan Aikikai)

High Wycombe, UK


21st - 26th April 2018 (Stage de Paque)

Tissier Shihan (8th Dan Aikikai)

Vincennes, Paris


5th May 2018

Phil ROZIER (5th Dan Aikikai)

Ashburton, Devon


June (to be arranged)


July (to be arranged)


6th - 12th August 2018

Pascal DURCHON (6th Dan Aikikai)

Ashburton, Devon




Our teacher's teachers

Pascal Durchon (5th Dan Aikikai)

Pascal's website


Pascal has been an extrordinary influence on the development of the Brighton Aikikai, and the aikido of it's practicioners and teachers.  The teachers have come and gone, but Pascal has continued, for almost 30 years now, to visit Brighton and humour us and inspire and move us with his technical skill, kindness and inspiring presentations on the principles of aikido.  This November he visits South Devon Aikikai!

Christian Tissier (7th Dan Aikikai)

Cercle Tissier


One of the most influential aikidoka alive today.  The technical director of the FFAAA, with a membership of around 35,000 practioners, it is difficult to overstate his impact on the world of aikido.  A personal student of Yamaguchi Sensei for over 30 years, he studied Aikido, Kick Boxing and Kenjutsu in Japan for seven years before returning to France to develop the FFAAA.

Linda Holliday (6th Dan Aikikai)

Linda's website